A Visit to Demerara, 1828 – 1829

Between October 1828 and March 1829, Robertson Gladstone, the 23 year old son of the wealthy Liverpool merchant, politician and plantation owner Sir John Gladstone, paid a working visit to the then British Colony of Demerara. The journal Robertson kept and the many letters he wrote to his father give us fascinating insight into the running of sugar and cotton plantations in the days shortly before the ownership of slaves in the British colonies finally ended with the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833.

'A Visit to Demerara' book cover
‘A Visit to Demerara’ Book Cover

Famously, Sir John Gladstone received more compensation from the UK Government for the loss of over 2500 enslaved workers from his plantations in Demerara and Jamaica than any other British claimant -£106,769 ( the equivalent of up to £10 million today).

‘Before and After’ sections of the book provide useful context for the interesting lives led by father and son.

Both Gladstones were ‘proprietors’ (members) of The Athenaeum, Liverpool, founded in 1797, as were at least 24 others who had interests in Demerara plantations; a thumbnail sketch of each is given.

The book is lavishly illustrated throughout, with over 50 illustrations across 176 pages.

This special limited edition hardback book of 250 copies is printed throughout in colour

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