Application for Membership

The number of Proprietors (full members) is restricted to 500, of whom those under 40 years of age, Ministers of religion and those who have retired from active professional or business life (and have reached state retirement age) pay reduced subscriptions.

In addition, there may be any number up to 500 associate Members.

Associate membership is available to relations of Proprietors, as well as persons who do not reside within 25 miles of the Athenaeum and whose business is more than 25 miles from the Athenaeum.

Categories of membership and subscription rates are as follows:


All categories of Proprietor are allocated a share number and have full voting rights. Prices incl. VAT and are payable Annually or Monthly.

Annual Fee Monthly Fee
Category AFull Member (40+)£860.00£71.67
Category BFull Member (30 to 39)£535.00£44.58
Category CFull Member (18 to 29)£230.00£19.17
Category FMinisters of Religion£460.00£38.33
Category GFull Retired Proprietor£650.00£54.17

Associate Member

Associate Members are not allocated a share number and have no voting right or interest in any of the Institution’s assets. Prices incl. VAT and are payable Annually or Monthly.

Annual FeeMonthly Fee
Category HCountry Associate
(Persons who do not carry their vocation
in Liverpool or reside within 25 miles
of the Institution)
Category LSpouse Family Associate
(Spouse of a Proprietor)
Category MOther Family Associate
(Must be a relation of a Proprietor)

Application Form

Applications for membership are considered on the basis of a Proposer and Seconder who are existing Proprietors. Those wishing to join who are not known to existing Proprietors are encouraged to complete the form below which on submission will be forwarded to the Membership Secretary.

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