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Wedding celebrations, private events and business functions can be individually tailored to your requirements, offering exclusive use of The Athenaeum .

The Athenaeum is a first-class functions and events venue set in the heart of Liverpool. Combining classical architecture and sophisticated décor with a rich history, The Athenaeum will give any business or social engagement the edge.

The Athenaeum is a unique and unforgettable venue. Our team will ensure that your guests and clientele thoroughly enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Our features and facilities include the latest communication and presentation technology, on-site audio/visual systems, dance floor and cocktail reception space, and full restaurant and bar service with well-stocked wine selection at very reasonable prices, along with beers and spirits.

The rich classical decor makes the Athenaeum a popular venue with TV. In recent times the venue has played host to ITV’s award-winning Cilla, detective drama Houdini & Doyle, and the BBC’s The Premier League Show.

Exceptional service guaranteed

The Athenaeum and its professional staff have experience of working with Royalty and a number of other high profile clients, and pride ourselves on providing a fully confidential, discreet service at all times.

Whether you are hosting a private dinner party or special lunch, or are organising a corporate event, the Athenaeum sets the standard for distinguished functions and first-class service right in the heart of Liverpool City centre.

Get in touch and find out more

For an informal, no-obligation chat and a to arrange a tour of the Athenaeum, please call us on 0151 709 7770.

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