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Monday 25 May 2020


Did you see on the T.V. News the beautiful but deserted Lake Como .

No  holidays there at the moment.

But today we have ‘ A Taste of Italy ‘

1. What is prosciutto ?

2. During which part of a meal would Antipasto be served ?

3. Who when interviewed by Emily Maitlis on Newsnight said he had bought

  Pizza at The Pizza Express in Woking  ?

4. What type of food are ciabatta and focaccia ?

5. Insalata Tricolore is inspired by the colours of The Italian Flag ,

 Red , White and what other colour ?



The answers to today’s quiz can be found below!

Saturday 25 May 2020 – Answers

Buon Pomeriggio,

1. Prosciutto is dry cured ham.

2. Antipasto is a starter / appetizer .

3. Prince Andrew.

4 Ciabatta and focaccia are types of bread.

5. The colours of The Italian Flag are red, white and green.


In case you are not aware there is a new series of ‘ A House  through time ‘ .

on  BBC 2 tomorrow at 9 pm.

The Athenaeum was of course involved in the first series.