Reciprocal Club: The Potters Club

Visited and viewed by Proprietor Phillip Speakman

Having agreed reciprocity with the Potter’s Club in October 2024 and having a free day available, I thought a day out on the train would be as good a use of a December Tuesday as I could think of.

Upon arriving in Stoke on Trent station, a word of warning. When leaving the station, you’re in very real danger of tripping over the Potter’s Club’s front doorstep. It really is that conveniently located.

The front door of the impressively restored 1930’s Federation House has an intercom system for access to the third floor Club premises with similar at the rear car park entrance (call in advance to discuss parking options). Simply press “1” then “Call” and their phone will ring to grant you access.

Inside there is an impressively appointed 100 cover dining room, bar, lounge and multiple meeting rooms. Their website is very comprehensive. The washroom facilities are well presented, clean & with wheelchair accessible unisex toilet facilities. Likewise, the building is wheelchair accessible via their own internal lift from the rear car park entrance. 

Be aware, their hours are pretty well fixed, but they do have a degree of flexibility depending on activities. If you’re planning on visiting, I urge you to speak to them in advance and booking for luncheon and evening dining is essential. I strongly recommend looking at the events diary calendar on their website before planning a visit.

Dress code is relaxed, with smart casual being the only stipulation. If in doubt, please enquire before travelling.

I was made very welcome in the club by Jenny in the bar, Dax, the Operations Director & Mary, the club Chair, who took the time to welcome me after dining with friends.

I can heartily recommend a day out to the Potter’s Club. Indeed, I’m currently in the process of attempting to herd cats, in order to facilitate just such a trip with a small group. Although please inform them in advance if your party exceeds eight.

As one of our newest reciprocal partners, I hope you will take the opportunity to take the time to visit & enjoy their hospitality offering. Surely enjoying mutual membership of each other’s clubs is one of the wonderful opportunities afforded by Proprietorship of the Athenaeum?