Wine Update

Athenaeum Wine.


To fellow Proprietors.

 A note to keep you up to date on our wines.

We have just finished the last of the white burgundy (outstanding in my view)

A new vintage will be in next week its reputation proceeds it, you can guess it’s going to be more expensive, wines have taken an increase in price of late (the weak pound perhaps)

 A new vintage of Morillion blanc 2016 is in ‘It’s by Jeff Carrel’ and at 14%(drivers note).

It has already proven very popular do try, it’s very good indeed.

Our white wines are of real quality this year.

 Macon doaine du buchron perrone 2015 at 14%can stand well up against the other whites.

 A reminder we do keep a lower strength white at 9.5% it’s a Sauvignon blanc. The idea being it might be drunk at lunch time.

 If you’re having a dessert try a glass of our new dessert wine Loupiac.

A new and in my honest view, a real find a gold medal from the Rhone Domaine Andre Aubert la Devoy Grignan-les-Adhemer 2014 at 13.5%. It is from a small area of the Rhone too small yet to have its own classification 2014 at 13.5%. Look for spice, fruit lots of depth and a really soft finish.

 Our south African Ambada is going as well as ever, we have never sold such a popular wine, long may it continue.

 Averys Claret, best vintage in 7 years say Averys its always worth drinking.



Frank Moran