Athenaeum Debates

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The first of the Athenaeum Debates for young people took place yesterday Tuesday 16 July in the Library begining at 10:00am . The event was run in association with the Liverpool Schools Parliament with three subjects debated and voted on. The results are set out below. A number of Athenaeum Proprietors (members) took part and joined in the Debates. After the Debates the young people had lunch and then a tour of the Athenaeums Library including a look at some extremely rare books and documents. These Debates will be regular events with the next Debate on the 8th October at 10:00am in the Athenaeum Library. The debates and the results were as follows:-

Debate 1 

‘In this present economic climate the provision of jobs for young people is more important than the protection of our heritage and our environment?’

Proposed by Alsop and Opposed by Calderstones.

This motion was lost  11 votes to 27

Debate 2

‘Following the recent disaster in Bangladesh people in the western world should not expect to be able to buy cheap clothing and other products from abroad that are manufactured using cheap labour?’

Proposed by Halton Youth Cabinet and Opposed by Calderstones.

This motion was carried 33 votes to 6

Debate 3

‘With an expected low turnout for voting in the local and European elections due to take place in 2014 Parliament should make compulsory both voting in elections and the teaching of Citizenship in schools.’

Proposed by Calderstones and Opposed by Calderstones.

This  motion was lost 15 votes to 25

Thank you to all who participated in what was an enjoyable and enlightening day