The Athenaeum Heritage Lottery Fund Project


Dating back to 1797 and home to some 800 year old treasures, the Athenaeum is offering a rare and valuable opportunity for schools, universities and groups of adults to browse their unique shelves and embark upon projects in subjects they are most passionate about; including History, English Literature, Geography, Sciences, Languages, Theatre and Art.


What we do: Our aim is to invite local schools, universities and organisations into our wonderful library, here at the Athenaeum. In a world of digitalisation, we offer the unique experience of connecting rare and historical treasures to those who are in education; with the aim that they can use this augment their skills.


What do we have here?  Our treasures include an 800 year old copy of Magna Carta, Nicholas Monsarrat’s book collection and typewriter, a book signed by Florence Nightingale, Cromwellian Currency, Teller’s tax receipts dating between 1554-1597 and much, much more. The project has also employed an Archivist who finds new exciting items every week!


How you can get involved: If you belong to a school, university or organisation where you feel this project could enhance your learning experience, do get in touch! For further information or to request a tour and use of the library, please contact John Corbett or Anna Corbett on: or 0151 709 770.