Staff Fund 2020

We are all very fortunate that the staff employed at the Athenaeum carry out their duties with such industry efficiency, cheerfulness and charm. The laws of the Institution preclude tipping, but for which I am sure that the staff would be generously rewarded in this way. Instead, the Athenaeum maintains a fund for their benefit. … Read more

Member Monday #026

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week in we are joined by Proprietor 474, our newly appointed Honorary Secretary, Carol Madeley! Who are you ? I was born and brought up in and around Ormskirk but as my family were Liverpool people from Bootle , I consider myself a Scouser. After University … Read more

Opera Update – December 2020

Opera Update In consultation with the Club Secretary Jack Birley, and after taking into consideration the probability of further restrictions being imposed after the Christmas and New Year festivities, I have decided not to set a new date for the Sir David Maddison Opera Prize to be performed during January.    As soon as a … Read more

Extended Opening Hours

Upon the Athenaeum’s reopening on Wednesday December 2nd we will be expanding our opening hours during the week and into the weekend with Saturday openings in the run up to Christmas! Club Opening Hours Monday thru Friday      08:00 am – 11:00 pm Saturday                      10:00 am – 11:00 pm Hours of Service         Monday-Friday                      Saturday … Read more

Suggestions from the past

Thank you to Dr Janet Hollinshead who discovered a historic suggestion book dating back to when we moved to Church Alley from our original building on Church Street. We are currently mining the book for nuggets, and here are some entries which we thought may be of interest to our Proprietors. 8 January 1931 – … Read more

‘I Remember The Somme’

Ahead of Remembrance Day this Wednesday, Proprietor John Gorman has provided a thought provoking piece, ‘I Remember The Somme’. I Remember           … I Remember           … I Remember           The Somme I Remember           that day … that 1st July 1916 I Remember           waking at dawn                                 sleepy and bleary-eyed,                                 My stomach rising in my throat                                 … Read more