Member Monday #024

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week we are joined by Share holder 240, Peter Bounds.

Who are you?

I am Peter Bounds, married to Geraldine, father of Andrew (Andy as he is better known hereabouts) and Richard, and grandfather of six.

I retired on 31 December 1999, after 37 years in local government.

What is your greatest achievement?

I held the position of Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council from 1991 to 1999, seeking to repair the quality and effectiveness of local government in Liverpool after the disruptions of the 80s, and to provide a more forward-looking and outward-looking approach in civic leadership in the City – including initiating the application for Liverpool to be Capital of Culture in 2008.

Can you give one interesting fact about yourself? 

I was born in Shetland, Geraldine was born in Devon – and we met in Birmingham.  I am no longer permitted to say I came more than half way to meet her!  

What brought you to the Athenaeum?

The then President, Dr Alex McMinn.

Is there anything you would like to change about the Athenaeum?

We need to redefine our purpose for the 21st century, to understand clearly why the current generation of business and civic practitioners would want to join, and to remain in membership , and then to decide what we should offer in terms of facilities and programme.

What would you say to anyone considering joining the Club?

The Athenaeum is one of Liverpool’s most prestigious venues, with high quality environment and facilities.