Reciprocal Review #001

Each week we explore one of many fantastic Clubs who share reciprocity with The Athenaeum. In this edition we head to Cambridge to Visit the Hawks’ Club, ‘the home of sporting excellence at Cambridge, since 1872.

Address: 18 Portugal Place, Cambridge, CB5 8AF Website: Email: Telephone: 01223 314 666

The Hawks’ Club has been in existence since 1872 and represents the best sportsmen in the University of Cambridge. Membership is by election only, and the usual criterion is that the candidate should have his Blue – i.e. have taken part in the match or race against Oxford in his particular sport. In 2017 The Hawks’ Charitable Trust made Bursary Awards to applicants from over 40 sports and 31 Colleges.

The Club is built upon a rich sporting heritage, and boasts hundreds of members who have represented their country in international competitions, including the Olympics, in just five sports For a full list see here.

The Clubhouse is at No 18 Portugal Place Cambridge, a pedestrian-only street opening off Bridge Street. No 18 is towards the Park Street end. Similarly to The Athenaeum there is no parking, but there are several car parks nearby.

Interestingly, the Hawks’ Club does not have a dress code in place, and operates in line with the academic year, with the Club closing at term-end. As standard the Club runs Tuesday –Friday: 11am-3pm & 6-11pm, and Saturday –Sunday: 6-11pm(n.b. food orders from 6-9pm only). The Hawks’ Club is closed on Mondays.

The Clubhouse is on four floors comprising the basement Bar, ground floor Members’ Lounge, second-floor Dining Room, and top floor Meeting Room and Steward’s Flat. There is no accommodation but there are many hotels nearby, and many of the neighbouring colleges can also offer guest accommodation.

The members’ lounge has a relaxed atmosphere and is often used for receptions, pre-meal drinks or coffee. It is well suited for private discussions.

The restaurant is the main dining room and seats up to 24 people.  It is regularly used for lunches and dinners for members, their guests, and sometimes their families, providing a high standard of catering.  It is available to be privately booked by any member.

Catering facilities are provided by a full-time chef who will, on request, produce bespoke menus as required.

The Hawks’ is currently closed like ourselves due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but once status quo resumes our members can use the excellent facilities Hawks’ Club has to offer by requesting a letter of introduction at reception.