Passenger Lift out of Service

I regret to Inform you that the Lift motor and master control board has ceased to function, and the consequence of this is that the Lift is currently out of service.

The necessary parts have been ordered, but due to the antiquity of the lift, these are not available ‘off the shelf’ and there is a lead time of two to three weeks before our engineers will receive them. They will be installed immediately on receipt.

Access to the upper floors is entirely restricted to the stairs, and I am well aware that this will present difficulties for a number of Proprietors and guests. Since I am unable to provide an exact date when the lift will be operational again, may I suggest that those with limited mobility telephone the Institution prior to arrival to ascertain the availability of the facility?

The very EARLIEST date that the lift will be back in service is WEDNESDAY 19th NOVEMBER, but as I have intimated it may be delayed beyond then.

In providing this information I offer the apologies of the Institution for any inconvenience that this may cause, and assure you that the Main Committee is using all endeavours to resolve the matter.

Ian J Cubbin
House Representative