New Interest Group Created – Science & Medical Group

Following Dr Guy Sutton’s very successful talk just before Christmas those who attended felt that we should introduce a Science and Medical Group. The purpose of this Group would be to hear about and discuss current scientific and medical progress in fields of interest to proprietors. Science is a very broad subject and we would hope to include advances in very many different areas touching or potentially touching upon everyday life. Similarly with medicine in which there are important and far reaching developments which may impact upon us all. I believe this could be of great interest. It is intended to explain and simplify some of the more complex areas so that all can gain an understanding of the enormous progress that is being made in all fields.

The inaugural meeting will be taking place in the Library on Tuesday 18th February at 2pm. Dr Guy Sutton will talk about Genetics and the meeting will consider areas about which proprietors would like to hear, the frequency and timing of meetings and how the Group can move forward.

All are welcome to attend.

(Please note the Theatre & Cinema Group will be going ahead in the Wine Servery on this date)