Suggestions from the past, part 2

The next extracts from the historic suggestion book date back to 1945. A selection can be found below for Proprietors interest.

‘I would suggest that steps be ten to help the Institution open later in the evening – until 7:30pm at least. The recent extension of closing time from 6pm to 7pm is most welcome but is still -I feel- inadequate.’ November 1945, Mr Bailey. It was noted that the suggestion was considered but resolved that this ‘was not practicable at present’. There are a number of entries during this period about this matter which appears to have been the subject of much debate.

In January 1947 Mr Thirwall asked ‘Is it possible to have potatoes served other than “mashed”, even “boiled” would be a change’. Later in the month the following response was published ‘Shortage of cooking fats and poor quality potatoes create difficulties but action will be taken when possible.’

In 1950 a sweet toothed Mr Shaw requested ‘Ices be included on the Dining Room Menu to satisfy Proprietors needs’. It is not clear if this important matter was acted upon.

In 1957 Mr White left the entry ‘I would like to suggest that the wireless set should be properly connected to the mains, instead of being hooked in to the light as at present. Also the aerial connection require re-fitting as they are loose and causing noise. These adjustments are very necessary and would not be expensive. It is noted that enquiries were being made.

Later in 1957 there were problems with the wireless again… ‘I venture to suggest that one of our distinguished scientists might be asked to investigate the wireless machine which when being asked to produce tunes may occasional do so, but in fact it is likely to bark screeches intermittently. It is clear that engineers were put to work and resolved the aerial issue!

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