The Corona Chronicles Vol. 1

Good day all,    

As we progress into these troubling and uncertain times, we are regularly comforted with the positive mantra that we will get through this together, and that we will come out on the other side both closer and stronger. Its a sentiment I firmly believe to be true, and it is togetherness that should not be overlooked. We may not be able to access our Clubhouse, but the community of people it houses is far greater than just a building. For you, as a member are part of an Institution that has made a difference to life in the city since its inception in 1797, and that is certainly no different today. The conversations and discussions that are had in our premises need not stop because for a period as we cannot enter. So I would encourage all members as our President already has, keep in contact with your fellow member. Log onto the Members Area look through the contact database, and start the next conversation. Why not meet with members you haven’t met yet, but online? Unless they have opted out each member has the opportunity to add a picture and a bio to their profile in the Members Area. Go and take a look and familiarise yourself with your peers you may not have met yet. If you haven’t updated yours I invite you to do so, we have an amazing network here in the Athenaeum one that perhaps is underutilised. Whilst we may have a little added time on our hands there is no reason not to update your profile and let your fellow member know who you are. Our membership is an under used resource, and this could be a key to help unlock its potential.  

As I continue on the subject of togetherness, I speak directly to any of our Members who are currently isolating on their own, or are unable to leave the house, or are having a tough time at present. If you need anything, get in touch, drop myself an email and we will organise support for you. Dont go without, dont hesitate to ask for help. You are part of a community that can help you, and will help you if you need it. This email is monitored frequently and I will ensure anyone who needs it gets the support they need.    

It is my intention to keep writing to the Membership as frequently as possible, daily where possible, to ensure you all remain connected with the Club at a time where it would be easy to disconnect. I will be putting together a variety of things to share, but I welcome input from yourselves. I would love to hear and share the stories of the membership. Stories of the Club, stories in their lives, of anything at all. I would love to hear and share items of interest, what do you feel should be shared with your members? This regular blog could be me waffling along from time to time or could be an interactive dialogue with all you, I appreciate both are probably very appealing but I’m sure the latter would mean so much more.  

Lastly, I leave you with some positive news in this gloomy time. I am immensely fortunate to have an employer in the Athenaeum who is committed to supporting its staff in their personal development. Some of you will know that over the past 12 months I have been undergoing training through my professional body, the Club Managers Association of Europe, working my way through their Management Development Programme. Midway through last month, before all this madness hit us, I submitted my work based assignment which featured all the elements and knowledge that I have acquired over the course. After some delay in receiving the results due to the dreaded virus, I was delighted to receive the news today that I had passed the assessment and have received their accredited Club Manager Diploma qualification (CMDip)! If I can take the opportunity, I would like to thank the Members and Committees for their continue support of both myself and my personal development, and I look forward to continue putting these new skills into action as part of the Clubs journey to great success.  

On that note I bid you adieu, and remember if you anyone out there needs any support or assistance, just get in touch.  

Stay safe.  

Jack Birley
Club Secretary