Upcoming Events – February into March

Guests this evening will be taken back in time at the 3rd Annual Library dinner as the Institutions old minute books are dusted off and passages read giving an insight of life at the Athenaeum some 200+ years ago.  This Black Tie event commences at 7:00-7:30pm and is fully subscribed. Tomorrow evening – Friday February … Read more

Plenty of Interest…. (groups)

It looks to be a very ‘Interesting’ 7 days at the Athenaeum with no less then 4 of our Interest groups meeting next week. On Tuesday 18th February we have two meetings to choose from with the Theatre & Cinema group screening the classic ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ in the Wine Servery at 1:30pm. Running … Read more

The Athenaeum Library Dinner – 27/02/14

The Library Dinner Thursday 27th February 7pm-7:30pm £25 per person (Black Tie Dinner) “JUST A MINUTE” This treasure, often described as the best in the north of England is unique in the variety of its stock. Come and learn about its first twenty years in the words of those who founded it and our Athenaeum. … Read more

New Interest Group Created – Science & Medical Group

Following Dr Guy Sutton’s very successful talk just before Christmas those who attended felt that we should introduce a Science and Medical Group. The purpose of this Group would be to hear about and discuss current scientific and medical progress in fields of interest to proprietors. Science is a very broad subject and we would … Read more

Presidential Diary Online

Details of all Presidential functions & Interest Groups up until May 2014 are now available online @ https://theathenaeum.org.uk.gridhosted.co.uk/events/ .