Some Proprietors of Note – Roscoe & Currie

Extract from ‘The History of The Athenaeum – 1797-1997’. William Roscoe 1753-1831President 1803-04 and one of The Athenaeum’s founders Historian, poet, lawyer, banker, naturalist, opponent of the slave trade and collector of books and works of art, his influence on the cultural life of Liverpool was immense. H is best described by the American author … Read more

Welcome To The Athenaeum

Following election at yesterday’s Main Committee meeting, we are delighted to welcome seven Proprietors and two Associates to the Club; Alexander Doherty, Liam Gretton, Nicholas Hay, Stuart Hignett, Peter Rutherford, Michael Schmid, Jason Parmajit Singh. We wish them many happy years of Membership to our Club and look forward to meeting at the Athenaeum in … Read more

Member Monday #008

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week in we are joined by Proprietor 12, the current President of The Athenaeum, Dr Gaynor Bresnen. Who are you? A pharmacist and retired lecturer in pharmacy. A person with many diverse interests both practical and sporting. Willing to have a go at anything and take … Read more

Story of The Athenaeum – Part 6

“Beyond the Green Baize Door” A good deal of attention has been given to the “Big Names” of the Athenaeum and some work has been done on the social and economic status of the Proprietors.  Always lurking in the back ground are the shadowy figures of the staff but the Minutes do give us occasional … Read more

Story of The Athenaeum p.4

‘In The Coffee Room’ Have you ever wondered what a visit to the Athenaeum would have been like in 1800?  The Minute Book gives us many clues and allows for a comprehensive description to be created.  The Subscriber – the title Proprietor was introduced in the Victorian period – would have entered through the doorway … Read more

Remembering Liz

Elizabeth Christie – 28/11/1936 – 23/04/2020 Elizabeth Mary Steel was born on the 28th November 1936 the older of the two daughters of His Honour Judge Edward Steel. Liz, as she was known to all, was joined by a younger sister, Heather in the summer of 1940. The family lived in the country village of … Read more

Member Monday #007

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week in we are joined by Proprietor 475, Director of the Thursford Collection, Susan Rutherford. Who are you? I am a person who has always aspired to make a positive difference in the world and to recognise, promote and support people in their professional aspirations and … Read more

George Case – In Colour

Following on from part two of ‘The Story of The Athenaeum’ published on Monday, we are delighted to share the image of the painting of the Club’s first President, George Case. The fantastic picture has been painting by Proprietor Colin Langeveld and hangs proudly in the entrance hall to the left of the Presidents board. … Read more

Story of The Athenaeum p.3

The Roscoe Myth In 1797, at the time of the foundation of the Athenaeum, William Roscoe was the most famous man  in Liverpool.  A largely self educated polymath, he was reputed as a poet, a historian, a biographer, an artist, a collector of art works, a politician, an educationalist  and an innovator of any and … Read more