Member Monday #012

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week in we are joined by Proprietor 330, Committee Member Ken Orme.

Who are you?

My life story is one of unimportence. Brought up in 2up 2down terrace in Whiston, gas lit, ourside toilet ie Midden and bath hung on a nail in the yard. Went to Whiston Central School -no qualifications. Left school 15 & went down the pit. Next 60 yrs Regular Army, TA, Mental Nursing, 3 judicial appointments – Employment Tribunals, Social Security Appeals & MoD Reserve Forces Tribunals (Employment). Not forgetting 25yrs as a NW Lay TU officer – Reg Chmn CoHSE (Mental Nurses Union) 70/92 & then Nalgo, CoHSE & NUPE amalgamated & I became President Unison 93/95.

Can you give one interesting fact about yourself?

During my Hospital Service I qualified as both RMN & SRN & rounded it off with Fellowship Royal Society of Health.

My hospital history goes back to Rainhill Mental Hospital and ends 3 decades later in Liverpool as a Snr Nursing Manager (Mental illness).

What brought you to The Athenaeum?

I joined the Athenaeum after i had visited on a number of occasions as a reciprocal member of the Army & Navy Club (the Rag) in London.

My military history won’t interest anyone other than to say before eventually being commissioned I won the cup as ‘Best Student’ on my Drill Instructors Course at the Guards Depot – a hint at why I’m so shy!!

I enjoy my membership of the Institution because of the absolute eclectic mix of individual’s – and especially the non PC chats at the lunch table.

Is there anything you would change about the Athenaeum?

What would I change? I don’t think that needs comment, the changes under the leadership of our current President seem to me to be the way forward.

Do you have any Athenaeum memories or stories that you wish to share?

There is one thing that I do miss in today’s Club life , the whiff of pipe and cigar smoke after a good lunch and most certainly after the port on dinner nights!!!!

What would you say to anyone considering joining the Club?

Do it, you won’t be disappointed and the staff are absolutely excellent!