Staff Fund 2020

We are all very fortunate that the staff employed at the Athenaeum carry out their duties with such industry efficiency, cheerfulness and charm. The laws of the Institution preclude tipping, but for which I am sure that the staff would be generously rewarded in this way. Instead, the Athenaeum maintains a fund for their benefit. The Staff Fund is distributed equitably between the members of staff, who may spend it as they wish.
Year on year, Proprietors of the Athenaeum have a growing reputation for generosity to our staff, acknowledging the vital contribution that they make to the quality of our outstanding Institution.  I would again ask you to join me in recognising the difficulties that the staff have faced and the excellent standards that they have maintained despite the problems of 2020.
Proprietors of the Athenaeum may contribute to the Staff Fund at any time of the year via the Members Area, ‘Make a Payment’ tab on the Athenaeum website.
However, it is traditional to make a particular appeal for donations as the Christmas season approaches.  I would be immensely grateful if you would support the Fund as generously as you can. Contributions can be made via the website, by cheque payable to ‘The Athenaeum’, either posted to the Institution or placed in the donations box, or by cash placed in the donations box. The donations box will be displayed at reception throughout December, and contributions for the 2020 Staff fund can be received up until January 10th 2021.
With very best wishes and thank you in anticipation of your generosity.
Colonel Martin Amlôt OBE OStJ DL