Story of The Athenaeum p.3

The Roscoe Myth In 1797, at the time of the foundation of the Athenaeum, William Roscoe was the most famous man  in Liverpool.  A largely self educated polymath, he was reputed as a poet, a historian, a biographer, an artist, a collector of art works, a politician, an educationalist  and an innovator of any and … Read more

‘Sheds on Roofs’ – The Architecture Group

To all aficionados of the built environment: I promised you some quirky architecture interest sessions only to be thwarted by an invisible terrorist that confined us all to barracks. Undaunted, and determined to beat it, I sped off with boundless enthusiasm and reckless speed into a digital cul-de-sac. As I trudged through the technological swamp … Read more

The Story of The Athenaeum p.2

“Creating the Athenaeum” In the first part of this history we touched on the Georgian tendency to form groups of like-minded individuals.  Of course, people had always congregated in the alehouse, in the coffee house, and a more limited form in social groups based on these institutions, in Liverpool known as “Firesides” where the habitués … Read more

Member Monday #006

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week in we are joined by Proprietor 360, Membership Secretary Maria Checkland! Who are you? Maria Checkland, Café owner, Fragrance Consultant, and Equalities Advisor. I joined the Athenaeum in 2011. What is your greatest achievement? I don’t really think of achievements too much, I’m too busy … Read more

The Story Of The Athenaeum p.1

“Liverpool’s Cultural Revolution” The town which emerged from the century after 1660 was a very different place to the small Lancashire market town with a rather unsatisfactory port, mostly engaged in trade around the Celtic Sea that had existed.  Contemporary commentators wrote of it in glowing terms. In 1693 William Blundell, who had helped to … Read more

AGM Arrangements 2020

As reported previously, due to the extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in at present, the Annual General Meeting scheduled for July 8 2020 has been postponed and will now take place later this year. Details of the rearrangement will be circulated in the coming weeks once finalised. Under normal circumstances now would be the … Read more

Might This Be Of Interest – Senti Tech

Senti, the health technology company which I started to solve the problem of scaling community respiratory services, is looking to raise its next round of investment. Our mission is tech-enabled precision and predictive medicine for people with Asthma and COPD (amongst other pulmonary conditions). We’re raising money in order to accelerate our product development and … Read more

The Early Athenaeum Minute Books

“AN ORNAMENT TO THE TOWN” – THE MINUTE BOOK PROJECT As a historian with a concern in the period and the locality I took a considerable interest in the early Minute Books of the Athenaeum books and soon realised that the narrative they provided cast light on Liverpool in the period, on the minutiae of … Read more

Member Monday #005

Every Monday we profile one of our Members. This week in we are joined by Proprietor 111, Radio Merseyside’s Roger Phillips! Who are you? I present the lunchtime phone-in programme between 12 and 2 every weekday on BBC Radio Merseyside What is your greatest achievement? To have married wisely and between the two of us, … Read more

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